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"I have never met a person who is not interested in language" Steven Pinker

This project has been inspired by my interest in languages (including programming languages), and in particular etymology, and by my interest in open source collaborative projects and interactive visualizations.

"etytree" (click to see the demo) is a tool to visualize the etymoogical tree of words, i.e., word etymologies in the form of a tree that reconstructs ancestral forms, cognate words, derived words, etc. This project has been funded by an IEG grant of the Wikimedia Foundation.

To see how etytree simplifies the layout of Wiktionary compare the visualization above for word "latte" with Wiktionary's page of the same word.

The demo implements the interactive layout for a limited set of words. A first release of etytree (click here) uses graphs instead of trees and uses data extracted from the English Wiktionary.